At the start of a new year

The beginning of a new year is framed by the end off the  last. I started to write a new post months ago – as you can see I never posted it, not because I didn’t know what to say but rather I couldn’t decide what to focus on.

For instance, what should we to think about the introduction of a plethora of new smart phones able to find me a hat shop in Zaire while simple seeming applications for my PC seem to perform better in the box they came in than installed in the box they were designed for.

Or maybe the never ending coverage of the financial decay of the American dream while my business and others like it continue to provide materials for luxury homes and second luxury homes, purchased by clients in new cars and trucks.

OK perhaps not tech or finance, perhaps we could examine something closer still – food, the food we buy, the food we sell, grow, waste, eat, cook. The food we give, the food we withhold, the pleasure of it, the guilt.

Well you see my point. I find that the only recourse for clarity and sanity is to begin the year (and indeed the decade) with a resolution to focus. Not in the exclusionary sense where the act of choosing makes the final picture smaller, but rather in a way that creates a richer experience by briging together well examined ingredients. In the future rather than choosing from the above to the exclusion of the rest, I will examine the places where they overlap (the more I think of it that’s where the really interesting things are going on).

Happy New Year

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